Sunday, 1 January 2012

The woman .. Who is she?

Do you really know the woman ?


As men and women are very different in their ways of acting and thinking, I propose some criteria specific to women: Gentlemen, do you know them?

  • A woman looks first to the mind of a man. 

  • A woman gives what she would like to receive. 

  • A woman can forgive betrayal but never forget it. 

  •  Some women like men who approach them shyly, others prefer men who approach them in a direct and voluntarily.

  •  If a woman's heart falls, she will fall in with.

  •  The genius of a woman lies in her heart.
  • A man does not forget the first woman he loved .. a woman never forgets the first man who has betrayed her. 

  • The best way to make a woman change her mind is to appropriate it.

  • A woman explores the issues in depth before forming an opinion and when she makes a decision, it is final.

  • In case of conflict, a woman wants to have someone who sympathizes with her point of view and not resolve the conflict.

    And this is nothing but the beginning of the way to understand women ...

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